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Who Am I?

Forging pixelated dreams for over two decades as a lone wolf...

My name is JC, and I've been in the game development industry for over two decades.

Started with creating comicbooks as early as six; then discovered this quirky DOS-based game engine called the "OHRRPGCE" around 2001. I figured, "hey, now I can create interactive comicbooks!" ...and I haven't stopped developing games since then.
I was fortunate enough to know how to draw, animate, and code (and everything in between, actually) at such a very young age -- skills that helped me turn my hobby into an actual career. Started working for Anino Games, the very first game development company in the Philippines, way back in 2006 as a game designer; and have been into many different game development companies until then -- as virtually in all the game development designations possible (Game Designer, Artist, Animator, Programmer, Special FX Designer, Producer, etc).

And now I'm here. Funny that I've been at it for more than 20 years and just only several years ago that I decided to go indie/solo.
Now, don't get me wrong though -- I do have an on-and-off "team" for quite some time now; but I only ask help for outsourcing projects. I don't want them doing pro bono work for my own ideas -- but eventually, I'll get there. I'll have my very own studio, my own paid team (LOL), creating awesome games.

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