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  1. July 20, 2024 - We will be at PGDX 2024! This massive, game development - centric event will be held from July 26 to 29. Moreover, the launch of Bloodbreaker: Labyrinth of the Witch's crowdfunding campaign draws near. Stay tuned!
  2. November 14, 2023 - We're still here! Thanks to ESGS 2023, we've managed to update Bloodbreaker, Labyrinth of the Witch! Look forward to the crowdfunding campaign soon (hopefully)!
  3. November 5, 2023 - We're at ESGS 2023! Come visit Booth IF-15 and play our latest game, Bloodbreaker: Labyrinth of the Witch! We'll be here from November 5 to 7!
  4. August 18, 2023 - Here at PGDX 2023! Been just our second time going to these kinds of events; but we're getting the hang of it! Come find us and play our latest game, Bloodbreaker: Labyrinth of the Witch!
  5. August 2, 2023 - New Website Content! Check out the games section to see what projects are currently in development! We've also updated our "About Us" page.
  6. July 18, 2023 - Website + Domain Name Connected! Again, not much content for now (clicking on most links won't do much); but we are working hard to get everything up!
  7. July 15, 2023 - New Website Up! It's pretty empty for now; but we'll get to working on everything ASAP! In case you missed it, Caotic Pixel Studios is now called "Phoenix Up! Media". More details will come soon!

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